Our goal is to give the families that we serve, a warm and relaxed home to come to at a difficult time - when compassion, sincerity and professionalism are paramount.

The history of our funeral home began in 1906 under the direction of W.P. Bartlett. The funeral home was located on Elk Street, downtown Gassaway and also served as a furniture store.

In 1930 Lloyd Bartlett, son of W.P. Bartlett, took over the business. In 1948 he rebuilt the funeral home in a new location on Braxton Street where it still remains.

Karl Skidmore purchased the business in 1967 and sold it in 1975 to it's Present day owner, Richard M. Roach.

Richard and his son Ryan M. Roach, after becoming licensed in 1995, have been sucessfully running the business.

Ryan M. and Richard M. Roach, Owners

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